Chris’ thoughts

I really like the idea of social capitalism.  I think that I have been lucky in life because I have always been high in this category.  I can remember every hard time in my life having to rely on social capitalism to get me though those times.

I am saddened to hear and see that social capitalism is decreasing in our country.  We have read and discussed many reasons for this.  I think another reason is that times have been so well and we started to forget why social capitalism is so important.  I am curious how our social capitalism is now.  If it is still on a downward trend?

At work, I like the community that I have developed.  It helps me through the hard days as well as gives me more teaching ideas.

I am currently excited to see how this idea gets woven into the rest of this course.

Creating this group was a different experience.  I usually join a group and this time I made a group for people to join.  So far it seems like our group will be a good group.  We worked well together to get all of our assignments done for the week.


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  1. Chris, your reflection surely shows appreciation for social capitalism but reluctance for faith in your group process seems to be an undercurrent of your post. Is there anything you can do now to build trust amongst your members and trust in the process? ~ Datta Kaur

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