Who Are We? A Collective Profile of Our Group (David)

Our group consists of Debra Crandell, Christopher Felix, David King, and Dena Laney. The “collective profile” below is based on interviews submitted by other members of the class. Thanks to John Lujan, Maritza Rodriguez, Joseph Rosa, and Sam Sternman!

Debra Crandell

Debra works at Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Services where she teaches advanced courses in diagnostic medical sonography and ultrasound physics. She feels that certain courses that she presently teaches work well in the online or hybrid format, but “there is [nevertheless] a technical component that needs traditional instruction.” She previously taught at the community college level as an adjunct instructor while working as a sonographer. Debra was born and grew up in Southern California. She began the OTL MS program in 2010 and plans to finish it this year. Her other interests include photography, travel, reading, and video games. Debra volunteers at a literacy program one day a month.

 Christopher Felix

Christopher teaches pre-algebra at a junior high school. He is interested in designing online Math courses: at present he is working on an algebra challenge course. Christopher grew up in Santa Maria (on Highway 101 between San Francisco and Los Angeles) and currently lives there. His other interests include outdoor activities such as bike riding, hiking, and kayaking. During the summer he works as a “carnie” which is a food concession vendor at fairs.

David King

David is a librarian at Mt. San Jacinto Community College in Southern California, where he also teaches for-credit classes on information competency and research methods. Mt. San Jacinto College offers almost 20% of its courses in either online or hybrid format and has a well developed distance education program. David is hoping to complete the OTL MS this year. He wants to apply the knowledge he has learned in this program to improve library services especially for the growing distance learner population, as he feels as though they are underserved. David was born in England and grew up in Australia. He migrated with his American-born wife to the United States and has lived in both Texas and Southern California. His interests include Lebanese cooking, public speaking, reading, hiking, and Celtic music.

Dena Laney

 Dena is also a librarian at Long Beach City College who, in her own words, is “the computer geek librarian who manages all things online and [are] technology related.” She enrolled in the OTL MS program because she wanted some formal education in online teaching and learning. Dena has an extensive music collection and enjoys listening to “Adult Contemporary” music. However, since she has two small children she has gravitated recently to toddler songs such as “Fire Truck! Fire Truck! I Want to Ride in a Fire Truck!”



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  1. David, thanks for a wonderful introduction to your blog. It looks very attractive and when I visit and read here each week, I will ‘sit with you’ to hear, listen, read and reflect alongside of you. ~ Datta Kaur

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