Week 7 Reflection from Dena

This week we were supposed to have our group on task and I felt very overwhelmed by the lack of discussion my group members and I had been having, especially since the final project is due very soon. We are just all so very busy and have limited time in our schedules.  I expressed my concerns to my group members because I felt like we were falling quickly behind.  Given my limited time, I didn’t feel that the weight of the project could fall on my shoulders. Thankfully my group stepped up toward the middle of the week and we started pulling things together. I would have liked us to have been a bit more organized and have had a good history of communicating/working together by this point.

Wish us luck!

Thank you for the midterm feedback. I enjoyed writing my midterm but yes, I would have loved a bit more time to complete it. This semester has been challenging for me, juggling my time, and I am so passionate about my midterm topic but could not put into it what I really wanted and expected myself too. I am trying to do the best I can.



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