Dena’s Week 8 Reflection

Week 8 — the final project is complete! Finally!

Wow, what a week it’s been. I am proud of the final project we’ve created although after reviewing the Rubric, I think perhaps we concentrated too much on our implementation of the course changes within the Blackboard environment and probably not enough on a standard APA style paper that reflects the rationale for these changes and the actual content differences and why things were modified.

I’m a learning management system/course management system type of person, but I’ve never used Blackboard from the instructor role before. I’m not a fan of Blackboard, as a student and now definitely not as an instructor either. The sheer amount of hours I spent on ensuring that the formatting was the same across the board in all of the units was absolutely ridiculous. It explains a lot now that as a student many of the courses taken here are formatted strangely.

By the way – thank you for making the discussion board optional this week. Go figure, though, I didn’t realize it was optional until after I posted!



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