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Reflections Week 7 ~ Debra

Week seven has been enlightening and thought-provoking with our reading assignments.  Trying to visualize how education will change over the next decade as technology advances shows how much work and planning educators must provide to stay abreast of the technology advances.  Educators and students will be learning together some of the applications of technology.  Most important , I believe educators must keep learning inviting and enjoyable to the students.  Students have access to information quickly but need guidance to locate reliable and reputable informational sources.

This past week our group began work on our final project, and will continuing  working together this next week.  I am very fortunate to be working with a great group of individuals, and will gain more knowledge from this experience.

On a personal note, my husband came home from the hospital today, it has been a long road to get home, but now another journey begins as he continues to recover.   I have found  unknown strengths and a deeper faith through all this.


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Week 7 Reflection from Dena

This week we were supposed to have our group on task and I felt very overwhelmed by the lack of discussion my group members and I had been having, especially since the final project is due very soon. We are just all so very busy and have limited time in our schedules.  I expressed my concerns to my group members because I felt like we were falling quickly behind.  Given my limited time, I didn’t feel that the weight of the project could fall on my shoulders. Thankfully my group stepped up toward the middle of the week and we started pulling things together. I would have liked us to have been a bit more organized and have had a good history of communicating/working together by this point.

Wish us luck!

Thank you for the midterm feedback. I enjoyed writing my midterm but yes, I would have loved a bit more time to complete it. This semester has been challenging for me, juggling my time, and I am so passionate about my midterm topic but could not put into it what I really wanted and expected myself too. I am trying to do the best I can.


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