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Week 8 Post-Chris

We finished our group project.  When I say we, I should say Debra and Dena.  David and I were unable to make it to the chat.  David was borrowing a computer and I was not at home.  I assumed that I could use my IPAD, but the chat does not work with ios.  By time I got home they were done with the extra work.  I am happy that we are done and we did a good job.

I will be curious with the feedback from my fellow students and from the instructor.


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Dena’s Week 8 Reflection

Week 8 — the final project is complete! Finally!

Wow, what a week it’s been. I am proud of the final project we’ve created although after reviewing the Rubric, I think perhaps we concentrated too much on our implementation of the course changes within the Blackboard environment and probably not enough on a standard APA style paper that reflects the rationale for these changes and the actual content differences and why things were modified.

I’m a learning management system/course management system type of person, but I’ve never used Blackboard from the instructor role before. I’m not a fan of Blackboard, as a student and now definitely not as an instructor either. The sheer amount of hours I spent on ensuring that the formatting was the same across the board in all of the units was absolutely ridiculous. It explains a lot now that as a student many of the courses taken here are formatted strangely.

By the way – thank you for making the discussion board optional this week. Go figure, though, I didn’t realize it was optional until after I posted!


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Week 8 Reflections~Debra

Working in Blackboard can be a challenge as I am more familiar with Moodle.  The Blackboard available at course sites is not identical to the blackboard used in our courses at CSUEB.  My major challenge was keeping uniformity with fonts, which required working in html.  Working with both systems, each has strong and weak points.  I do know I am not ready at this point to design a new learning management system.

Overall our chat sessions on line and group discussion posts were key in our communication with each other.

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